Sanguine Releasing Paladins Team

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 - 5:32pm

When we first signed Team B in the PGS, we had the goal of making us known in the Paladins scene. Even though we didn't get far in the qualifiers, it is still felt among that staff that we accomplished our goal.

Now that the season is over and changes are happening, players are shuffling and new teams are being formed. To make it easier for our players, we will be releasing them from their contracts so that they are free to explore other opportunities!

As for Sanguine in Paladins, it was a great launch and we will be looking for top teams in the PML; if a spot should open in the PPL, we will be one of the first to jump on it!

Thanks to our team for a great event! These are relationships that we don't take lightly and look forward to seeing them grow as both esports athletes and professionals.

Thank you Envy, Kresnik, JLin, Bagel, ElZulu ,VapoR, Jake

-Sanguine Staff



Blaine Bell