Meet the New Sanguine Smite Minor League Team

Thu 17th Jan 2019 - 2:51pm

Here we start our journey of the Season 6 SMITE Minor League. Here we begin the conquest to the SMITE World Championships. // ¡Es aquí donde nuestra aventura de la Season 6 en la SMITE Minor League comienza! ¡Es aquí donde iniciamos nuestra conquista hacia el SMITE World Championship!

It's an exciting time for us as Sanguine as we announce our roster. Welcome Sebastian “Ronngyu” Chavez, Fabrizio “Netrioid” Palacios, Rafael “Panitom” Guerra, Andres “Sheento” Lasalvia, Libardo “Jarcor” Lopez, and Coach Ferenc “Oxiledeon” Saavedra to the SML! 

You may know this roster as WhySoCereal, the team who won the ProAM and has dominated the Latam scene. This season, we will show that Latam is here to play and we ask that everyone from Latam support us this season. // De seguro reconocerán este roster como WhySoCereal, el equipo que ganó el ProAM y ha dominado la escena en Latam. ¡Esta season, estaremos mostrando que Latam está aquí para jugar y darlo todo! Esperamos que todos estén apoyando esta temporada.

"After meeting Netrioid and his team, this team of players isn't just talented, but hungry too. I believe that this roster will not only dominate the SML but continue to grow. We have only just begun."

-Blaine Bell, Owner of Sanguine Esports

Phase 1 Begins March 12th on // La Fase 1 comienza el 12 de Marzo en 


Sanguine SMITE Roster

Libardo “Jarcor” Lopez - Solo | Twitter |

Rafael “Panitom” Guerra - Jungle | Twitter |

Andres “Sheento” Lasalvia - Mid | Twitter |

Sebastian “Ronngyu” Chavez - Support | Twitter | Twitch

Fabrizio “Netrioid” Palacios - ADC & Captain | Twitter | Twitch

Ferenc “Oxiledeon” Saavedra - Coach | Twitter | Twitch






Blaine Bell