Sanguine joins the SMITE Console League

Mon 8th Apr 2019 - 6:08pm

We here at Sanguine are excited to announce our entry into the console scene! We embark on this journey by partnering with the SMITE Console League team previously known as Sugar Pea Squad. By having strong personalities such as Mr Teep and BMBobby, we are looking to make an impact in the SCL. Catch us now on Mondays at



The team lineup is as follows

Solo: JacobTask - @JacobTask

Jungle: Sliced Kumquat - @SlicedKumquat

Mid: Mr Teep - @MitchTeep

Support: Truancii - @Truancii

ADC: BMBobby - @BMBobby420

Coach: Leektr0n - @LeekOASF

Analyst: BeanBag - @ABigBeanBag



Blaine Bell