Sanguine SPL Competitive Ruling

Thu 16th Apr 2020 - 8:12pm

Sanguine Esports Competitive Ruling Announcement:
Regarding our match with Spacestation Gaming on Saturday, April 11th there has been a competitive ruling regarding our gameplay. At 31:42 of game 2, there was a fight around the Fire Giant pit where some believe an exploit to be used, standing in a point of the pit that intentionally avoided damage. Our ruling from the SMITE Pro League Admin Team is that we intentionally exploited this unintended mechanic within the game. We have been working closely with Titan Forge Staff to provide evidence defending ourselves and find a middle ground which shows other players that this is an unintended mechanic, defining the meta. What the Admin team found is that this is unintended by the design team and a bug. In further research, we have found that the Fire Giant orbs do not work as intended and fail at assigning damage in many instances during other pro games, not just ours.
As a penalty, we are being fined $500 for the issue while still being given the wins for the matches. Sanguine Staff would like to thank Steven Cooper and the rest of his admin team for hearing out our case. Even though we disagree with the conclusion and believe it was a creative use of mechanics, we respect the authority of the league and understand their viewpoint. We hope that the community can see both sides of the argument. Thank you all for your understanding and we will continue to work hard defining the meta and representing Latam with pride.



Blaine Bell