SMITE Relics In-Depth: Blink

Tue 28th Jun 2016 - 5:00pm Gaming

Edit: As of patch 3.12 the Out of Combat cooldown for Blink has been reduced to three seconds from five seconds.


Welcome to the fourth entry of SMITE Relics In-Depth. In this guide we will be covering the relic Blink. In season 2 of SMITE, this relic used to be one of the most dominant actives in the game. After a bit of toning down, this relic still holds strong as an option for quick entry into combat.

General Use:

Blink is a relic that allows the user to teleport a short distance in front of them. This relic gives its user an additional option for mobility. However, Blink cannot be used while in combat, meaning that if you get hit before using the relic, you will need to wait 5 seconds without getting hit again. Known as one of the more versatile relics in the game, Blink can be picked up by many different roles. Mainly Blink is taken by the Support, Jungler, or Solo Laner. This relic can even be taken by the Middle Laner, albeit this is quite rare.


The main strength to Blink is its ability to give mobility to gods that lack it. This is a very strong pick up on many Supports for this reason. Gods like AresSylvanus, or Ymir work well with this relic as they have no other way to close a gap otherwise. Blink allows many supports a method of quick engage to start a teamfight. Other Supports like Geb or Odin synergize well with this relic, as Blink lets them hold their mobility skill for additional follow later on in the fight or as a method to disengage. 

Many Assassins have also been known to pick up blink for similar reasons. Junglers like Serqet or Hun Batz work well with Blink in order to be able to have a stronger presence when ganking and still leave an option to escape or chase via their mobility skill. Some Solo Laners will also take this relic for similar reasons. Tyr will often take a Blink in order to get behind the enemy team and use his skill Fearless and push enemies out of position.

Additionally, when the situation permits it, the Middle Laner can take Blink as one of their relics. When not required to buy another defensive relic, a Mage can choose Blink to allow for a quick gap closer during team fights.


One of the biggest things to remember when you use Blink is how you are positioned. Since you need to be out of combat for three seconds in order to use Blink, staying positioned so that you do not take unnecessary damage and put yourself into combat. Try to make sure that you don't accidently take aggro from a minion wave or buff camp before blinking. Skills with damage over time or items like Bluestone Pendant or Mystical Mail can also make it more difficult to put yourself out of combat.

Other Notes:

One last thing to keep in mind is where you will be after you use Blink. Try to keep track of where your main targets are before and after you engage on them. If an enemy Mage is hiding near their Support then it might be better to wait until they separate out a bit more. This is to help reduce the chance of the Support being able to peal for their Mage.


Blink has a nice niche that it fills. Being able to give some mobility to gods that lack it is very helpful. This relic assists these gods with the ability to engage from farther away. The position of the user is the key to how much success someone will find with this relic. Good positioning can be the beginning of a very strong engagement, but bad positioning can't halt a team fight and leave you team in a bad position overall. Just be wary of your position as well as your enemy's and success will come with Blink.



Neil S