SMITE Relics In-Depth: Teleport

Tue 12th Jul 2016 - 5:00pm Gaming


Welcome to the 7th entry into the SMITE Relics In-Depth guides. Today we will be looking at the relic Teleport. This relic is a wonderful tool to have when you play a role that needs to move around the opposite sides of the map quickly.

General Use:

Teleport gives the user an option to teleport to a friendly Tower or ward. This will allow the player that picks this relic up to quickly return to the main part of the map. This relic is most commonly acquired by the Solo Laner as they need to be back in lane quickly in order to maximize farm. The Jungler is also known to pick up this relic to help with increasing map and jungle presence.


The main strength of Teleport is that is allows the user to teleport to a friendly Tower or ward. This is very useful for the Solo Laner as it assists them in being able to secure every single wave of farm in the lane. This can mean that the Solo Laner can farm for a while, return to base to purchase items, and then use Teleport to get back to lane so they don't miss a wave of minions.

Another strength of Teleport is that it allows you to teleport to an allied ward as well. This is helpful for both the Jungler as well as the Solo Laner. It allows them to farm a lane or a jungle camp and be able to teleport to a ward nearby a teamfight. This helps with being able to push down a lane and maybe take down a structure in the process. It also permits a player to back part way through a long teamfight and then teleport to a ward nearby the fight. This method is something that is not unlike what Athena's ultimate does. 


The main weakness of this relic is that after the laning phase of the game ends, Teleport's usefulness falls off. Since the need to quickly travel to a ward or tower decreases as the game goes on, Teleport becomes less helpful. This relic could potentially be wasting a spot for a better relic to be used. This, however, is not that much of an issue for a Solo Laner. This is primarily a reason not to pick it up as a Jungler, however this is up to personal preference and whether other relics are needed.

Another thing to think about when using this is that Teleport is interupted by Crowd Control. This means that if you get hit by a Stun before the channel time for Teleport ends, the teleport will be canceled and you will have to recast the relic. This channel time has recently been increased to 4 seconds from 3 seconds, so keep that in mind. Be careful when you know someone around you has a CC available to use on you.

Other Notes:

One thing to think about when using Teleport is that it has a long cooldown of 3 minutes or 180 seconds. Since minion waves spawn every 30 seconds, if you can farm at least 6 waves of minions before needing to back your Teleport will be off of cooldown and you can teleport back into lane.

One tactic used by many Solo Laners with this active is using it to bait out other abilities. When getting focused by the enemy team, you can bait out the use of some of the enemy's ultimates and then after they have used them or used all of thier Crowd Control you can teleport out of the fight. This can lead to a better fight for your team later on.


Overall, Teleport is a niche relic with its use mainly in the Solo Lane. It is used to help the user farm more effectively by preventing the travel time from returning to lane from base. Its use, however, falls off to an extent after the laning phase ends and grouping and objectives become more important. This is not that much of an issue in Solo, since farming and coming out of the laning phase far ahead of your other teammates is the priority of that role. Teleport does what it does well and if you need something to help you farm efficiently then look no further.



Neil S