SMITE Relics In-Depth: Shell

Wed 7th Sep 2016 - 5:30pm Gaming


Shell is one of the best defensive relics in SMITE. It is a strong tool for front liners to help mitigate damage for the rest of the team. A well timed Shell can cause the difference in winning and losing a team fight.

General Use:

Shell is a defensive relic that allows it user to grant themselves and any nearby allies 45 Physical and Magical Protections for 5 seconds. This relic will also reduce all incoming damage by an additional 15%. This relic is most often picked up by the team's Support player, but it can also be taken by the Solo Laner against burst heavy compositions.


This relic is very potent when the enemy team has a lot of burst damage. Gods like Poseidon or Scylla have extremely hard hitting ultimates, and a well-timed Shell can deny the enemy team a kill and prevent any following engagement from the resulting kill. This can give you and your team the time needed to disengage from any aggression and get ready for the next team fight.

You should try to hold on to this relic to protect your team's squishy damage dealers. Try to think about who the other team would try to focus out first. Mages and Hunters would often be the primary targets of the enemy, so keeping Shell ready to mitigate damage for them is a great way to help your team.


Due to the timing needed to use Shell correctly, Shell can often times be misused by having bad timing. Whenever your team is getting hit with a 1500 damage Scylla ult, half a second can mean the difference between saving a teammate or failing to save them. If you know that you are about to be engaged on by an enemy damage dealer, then you need to use this relic in order to mitigate the damage they do to your team.

Other Notes:

When engaging on the enemy team, don't forget to keep an eye out for who your high value damage dealers are. If your team is trying to engage a team fight, consider using Shell when the enemy team attempts to counter engage with their own damage dealers.


Shell is an extremely potent defense relic. A well timed use of it can mean the difference between winning and losing a team fight and maybe even winning and losing the game. Knowing where your opponent's burst damage is coming from and when to expect it is part of using this relic effectively. However, due to Shell's long cooldown, making sure that each use of this relic helps in a fight is incredibly important. Wasting a Shell can give your opponent an even greater opportunity to engage later on in the game.



Neil S