Interview with Rachetier, Support for Sanguine Esports

Fri 22nd Jul 2016 - 2:00pm Gaming

With the Challenger Cup concluded and Relegations coming up in August, Sanguine Esports has been looking forward to the future of our SMITE team. After the long series of the Challenger Cup, we wanted to let the community know a little bit more about our players. With this in mind, we decided to interview Rachetier, the Support player for Sanguine Esports. A strong record of adaptability and exceptional performance during the Challenger Cup made us excited that we were able to sit down and ask him a few questions.


How long have you been playing SMITE?

Rachetier: I have been playing smite since August of 2013, so just under 3 years.

What made you want to play SMITE competitively?

Rachetier: I first started wanting to play smite competitively after I went to the Smite launch tournament in 2014. I saw all those players up on stage and I wanted to be just like them.

What was your favorite moment of the Challenger Cup?

Rachetier: My favorite moment of the Challenger Cup was when I pulled Venenu as Khepri when we were pushing the last phoenix in game 3. I knew once we got that pick the game was ours and we had won the Challenger Cup.

Which team did you enjoy playing against the most?

Rachetier: I enjoyed playing against Most Wanted Esports the most. I was on that team before I joined what became Sangine. It was always fun to play (and usually beat) my old friends.

What are your thoughts on Risky Behavior using a warrior adc for games 2 and 3 of the finals?

Rachetier: I thought it was an interesting strategy. Normally when a team doesn't pick an adc or an auto attack mage they lack three main things: tower push, objective damage, and late game tank shred. However, to make up for these losses they picked Fafnir. Fafnir's attack speed steroid makes up for the lack of tower push and objective damage, add that the the fact that game 2 didn't really go into the late game. In theory, the warrior in duo lane would give early game pressure to that lane, help the whole team get ahead then not fall off late because of the Fafnir steroid. It worked in game 2, however in game 3 they were not able to maintain the early lead they got we were able to abuse their very weak team fight and tower defense once we took the lead

What do you credit your team's success in the Challenger Cup to?

Rachetier: I credit out teamwork as our success in the Challenger cup. Originally we made this team as a team of friends who also happened to be really good at Smite. We are always hanging out in the same Teamspeak whether or not we are playing Smite and we have a real bond together, not just as friends but as teammates. Our team play was just flat out better than any other team in the Challenger Cup and I credit that to our friendship.

How excited are you for Relegations?

Rachetier: I am very excited for relegation's and the new look we are putting together as a team. I am also excited for the new format that will come out this relegation's its gonna change everything.

What is your favorite non-conventional support?

Rachetier: I really don't play that many non conventional supports. One of the reasons I like the support position is the ability to help out my team, and most non conventional supports don't fit that task. However, I do like some non meta supports. You have no idea how many times during picks and mans I will ask for Ares. "They have a lot of jumps, Ares could be good here" "They are lacking in CC immunity I think we should pick Ares", but I guess time as never been ripe for me to pull him out of my pocket yet.

Any final thoughts or anything you would like to say?

Rachetier: I just want to say thanks to Sanguine for all the support they have given us as a team. They guys are really good to us and we really appreciate it. Also, a huge shoutout to our coach Mexiety. He had to sub for us in the last weeks of Challengers after not playing smite competitively for a while. You played your heart out buddy and we could not have won without you.

Once again, we would like to thank Rachetier for joining us for this interview. Don't forget to watch Rachetier and the rest of the Sanguine Esports SMITE team during the Fall Split Relegations on August 4th and 7th on HirezTV. You can also follow Rachetier on his Twitter @SnG_Rachetier and don't forget to follow us at @SanguineEsports for all information about Sanguine.




Neil S