Sanguine Esports new SMITE roster

Mon 1st May 2017 - 5:58pm Gaming

Sanguine has been through some trying times in Season 4 of the SMITE Pro League. Despite their best attempts, the old Sanguine SMITE roster was unable to find a win during the Spring Split. Due to this, changes to the team had to be made and it is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to players Nika, MiketheMagikarp, and Deathpanter. We wish them the best in their future with SMITE.

Moving forward, it is important for us to hold true to our name and stay optimistic, even in these difficult times. This being said, Sanguine Esports is happy to announce the new roster for the SMITE Pro League Relegations. The new roster is as follows:

Hunter: @SnG_Baas

Support: @TheCherryo

Middle: @SnG_Dodo

Jungle: @_Gorgonzolla

Solo: @SnG_Alexi

We are excited to see how our new team performs in the upcoming split. Here's what new team captain Dodo has to say on the roster, "We are really excited going in to relegations and are confident in staying in the SPL. This is a roster that has been doing well in scrims will be huge strides ahead of Spring Split #Leftovers"

You can catch the new Sanguine SMITE team in the Summer Split relegations on May 13th on the offical Hirez Twitch Stream.



Neil S