Sanguine SMITE Challenger Circuit Roster

Fri 19th May 2017 - 4:24pm Gaming

Relegations have came and went and Sanguine SMITE faces a difficult situation. Due to unforturate circumstances, the Sanguine SMITE team has been relegated out of the SMITE Pro League. Despite this, we at Sanguine are not one to back down from a challenge. Sanguine SMITE will now be participating in the SMITE Challenger Circuit. Along with this change in Leagues will come a change in Sanguine's roster. The new roster is:

Hunter: Joshy Twitter

Support: Meowek Twitter Twitch

Middle: PrettyPan Twitter

Jungle: MiketheMagikarp Twitter Twitch

Solo: Baas Twitter

Sub: Dafull Twitter

New team captain MiketheMagikarp had this to say about the new roster, "Closeness breeds success, and I've never felt closer to a group of individuals within Smite. I already have confidence we can compete with the top end of challengers"

We are excited to see how this new roster performs in the Challenger Circuit. You can watch the new Sanguine roster play in the Challenger Circuit starting on Saturday, May 27th over on As always, you can find every update about Sanguine SMITE on the offical Twitter page.



Neil S