SMITE Minor League

Sun 10th Jun 2018 - 6:57am Gaming

Sanguine Esports has once again entered the SMITE community by acquiring the North American SMITE Minor League team, Pablo.

We are extremely excited to be working with such an up and coming squad who we know will find success in the SML and their future careers as professionals.

The SnG SMITE Minor League Roster is as follows:

IFates - Solo

Twitter: @ImIFates

Twitch: IFates

Face - Jungle

Twitter: @HeyItsFa3

Twitch: Face_e

 Mineral - Middle

Twitter: @Mineral__

Twitch: Mineral

Sibyl - Support

Twitter: SibylSmite

Twitch: SibylKabanos

Diesel - ADC

Twitter: Diesel_Smite

Twitch: nhdiesel

Xenonhawk - Coach

Twitter: Xenonhawk25

Twitch: Xenonhawk


It's awesome to have them on board and we can't wait to continue on in the SML! See you on the battleground!



Blaine Bell