SMITE Roster 2020

Fri 13th Dec 2019 - 4:18am Gaming

After the performance from Season 6, going through HRX Qualifiers, and even the World Championships, we're happy to announce our 2020 SMITE roster. Not only the community, but analysts, casters, coaches, and peers said they deserve a spot in the Pro League and they damn well deserve it.

After we heard news of joining the Season 7 SMITE Pro League, there was the immediate thought of working with such a talented team again. That is why we're bringing them to Atlanta once again so we can dominate the SMITE Pro League. Instead of having connection issues and high ping, we believe that by having the proper tools given to such a talented squad, they can work together to take home Mjolnir for their respective countries. Get ready for 2020 because we're coming out swinging.


Libardo “Jarcor” Lopez - Solo | Twitter | Colombia

Rafael “Panitom” Guerra - Jungle | Twitter | Guatemala

Andres “Sheento” Lasalvia - Mid | Twitter | Uruguay

Sebastian “Ronngyu” Chavez - Support | Twitter | Twitch | Peru

Fabrizio “Netrioid” Palacios - ADC & Captain | Twitter | Twitch | Peru

Ferenc “Oxiledeon” Saavedra - Coach | Twitter | Twitch | Chile



Blaine Bell