SMITE Relics In-Depth: Sprint

Thu 12th May 2016 - 3:58pm Gaming

Edit: As of patch 3.12 the duration for Sprint has been reduced to five seconds from six and the cooldown has been increased by 10 seconds.


Welcome to the first iteration of the weekly series Relics In-Depth, where we will be going over what a particular relic does, what types of teams that it does well against and how it stands in the current meta. Today, we will be looking at the relic Sprint.

General Use:

What Sprint does is it increases the movement speed of all allies within an area by 40% for 5 seconds.This relic is highly regarded as one of the strongest relics in the game due to its versatility.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Sprint offers a wide range of utility for teams that pickup the relic. The relic has strong offensive potential by allowing teams a stronger ability to chase down enemies that were caught in a bad position or after they have used their escape. The bonus 40% movement speed means that teams will easily be able to catch up to fleeing enemies. Defensively, Sprint can be used to cleanse allies from slows used by the enemy team and remain immune to slows for the remainder of the duration. This is very useful when the enemy team consists of multiple gods with slows, such as Skadi's first ability Piercing Cold or Bakasura's ultimate Regurgitate. Against gods that use slows as their primary CC, Sprint performs exceptionally and should be considered to be bought by the team. The relic is also strong on teams with one or more healers. Healing gods like Aphrodite or Sylvanus will surely become the prime targets of the enemy team. Teams will often pickup a Curse relic in order to reduce healing and slow the target. Since most healing gods do not have a hard movement ability, such as a leap or a dash, this would leave a majority of healers dead in the water. Sprint hard counters this relic and allows for a quick disengage so the affected healers can wait out the healing reduction debuff.


In summary, Sprint is a very strong relic with a strong array of utility to offer teams that purchase the relic. Offering teams both offensive and defensive options means that Sprint will be a strong pickup regardless of the teams composition and the relic only gets stronger when the enemy team has one or more slows. While primarily picked up by the Support, the versatility of Sprint means that it can also be bought by the Solo laner or by a more support oriented Jungler. Due to the relic's offerings and strength at every stage of the game it is easy to see why it remains strong in the current meta as well as in high level play.




Neil S