SMITE Relics In-Depth: Meditation

Mon 23rd May 2016 - 4:00pm : Gaming



Welcome to this edition of Relics In-Depth. Today we will be going over the relic Meditation. Once seen as an active to help new players understand the mechanics of actives, the season 3 version of the relic has brought on more versatility at all levels of play.


General Use:

What Meditation does is upon activation it restores 15% of the owner's maximum health and 35% of the owner's maximum mana. This relic is more of a niche filler, but what it does, it does well. The ability to instantly heal your team can quickly change a team fight. The relic has also found a home on many gods that have issues with mana consumption.



As stated in the previous section, Meditation's heal can the dynamic of a team fight for those that are not prepared. This relic pairs nicely with many gods that have mana problems. Gods like Guan Yu or Hercules can consider picking this relic up as a second relic in the Solo lane. The relic has also found a home in the Support role, primarily on warrior supports. Warrior supports tend to be more

aggressive than normal supports and rely on their strong early game base damages to poke out and/or kill enemies. Most warriors, however, have a lower starting mana pool than that of their guardian counterparts. Meditation helps to solve this issue by not only returning mana back to the user and their teammates, but also heals them as well. This is good as it allows players to heal up any poke that they may have received from enemies as well as the enemy minions. This relic also scales nice into later stages of the game. The relic heals based on the owner's health; Since a majority of the time this relic will be taken by tanks with a larger health pool, this relic will heal teammates with lower health pools for a larger percentage of their health.



Due to the healing nature of this relic, Meditation has problems when facing a team with anti-healing. Gods like Chang'e with Moonflower Dance or Sobek with Sickening Strike have anti-healing built into their kits and can reduce the amount that you and your team heal for when using this relic. The relic Curse also has a strong area anti-healing effect and can be a strong counter to Gods with Meditation. It is also worth noting that many Gods that normally pick up a Meditation, such as Hercules or Guan Yu, have their own built in healing abilities countered by Curse as well. Their are also items that have anti-healing as well. Items like Divine Ruin, Brawler's Beatstick, and Pestilence can reduce the effect of Meditation.


Other Notes:

One last niche use for the relic Meditation is it can counter executes. Gods like Thanatos or Ao Kuang have ultimate abilities where a player is instantly killed should they be hit while below a certain health threshold, Hovering Death at 40% and King of the Eastern Seas at 30% respectively. A well timed heal can push your teammate out of execute threshold and leave the enemy player very out of position. This can save a teammate's life and potentially turn up a kill against the other team.


While being a niche relic, Meditation fills a strong role when utilized correctly by a team. Restoring a team's health and mana mid team fight can potentially change the outcome of the game. Meditation is strong on both Solo laners as well as some Supports. This relic is not without its weaknesses. Gods, items, and relics with anti-healing can hamper the effectiveness of Meditation. Overall, Meditation can bring teams strong utility at every stage of the game. Whether this relic brings early lane pressure from healing up enemy poke or a strong late game team fight heal, Meditation can bring a team continued pressure as well as a versatile relic throughout the game.




Neil S

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