Sanguine Esports takes 1st in the Challenger Cup

Sun 17th Jul 2016 - 6:00pm : General : Gaming

Sanguine's SMITE team takes 1st place in the North American Challenger Cup. The team faced off in the finals against the team Risky Behavior, which can be watched here. By making it to the finals of the Challenger Cup, Sanguine has qualified to be in Relegations. They will fight for a spot in the SMITE Pro League against either 7th seed EnVyUs or 8th seed The Randozos. We are very proud of our team's acheivements and are excited for their future in Relegations.

Be sure to follow all our players on their respective Twitters and don't forget to follow Sanguine Esports on Twitter for all the latest updates on Sanguine. Make sure to watch the Sanguine SMITE team compete in the North American SPL Relegations in August.



Neil S

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