Sanguine Esports 2017 SMITE Roster

Sat 4th Feb 2017 - 7:28am General Gaming

With the new season roster swaps, we have a roster that we have found with lots of potential to take the scene by storm.

With our entry last season, as an organization new to the scene we found a team who was strong, but struggled to find footing even though they earned a spot at Super Regionals. With the extreme shifts in SMITE season 4, we are also going to see a shakeup in SnG. We will not be signing Arkkyl as a player for the 2017 season. We wish him and his team the best of luck and we know that we will give them a strong fight this season. 

Some new faces as well as familiar ones will be making a return to SnG. We are extremely excited to announce our 2017 SMITE roster will be:

Nika "Nika" Pataraia - ADC Captain Twitter

Willem "DeathPanter" Hoste - Support Twitter Twitch

Stefan "MrSt3fan" Visser - Mid Twitter

Ryan "MikeTheMagikarp" Fisher - Jungle Twitter Twitch

Daniele "TheDarkDodo" Minnielli - Solo Twitter

Our roster is one that we believe has proven themselves as a strong contender, who consistently is at the top of Challenger brackets. With a combination of experienced and budding talent, and the right coaching we will look to bring each and every player to their full potential.




Blaine Bell