Sanguine Partners with Tiffin University

Sat 20th May 2017 - 5:37pm General


Sanguine Esports is now partnering with Tiffin University Esports! 

Tiffin University is in Tiffin, Ohio, USA. Their goal is to make an impact in the Collegiate scene by adding Esports to their Varsity Athletics as well as creating state of the art facilities for players to train and compete in. 

Headed by Coach Chalin Cahlik, Tiffin is looking to start off strong in their first year by creating beneficial relationships that every aspect of our industry can benefit from. Players, Students, and Staff alike will all find a place in the collegiate scene whether you are looking to train for professional play, or want to finish a degree after competitive play.

If you are high school student graduating this year, a community college transfer, or a player who wants to earn a degree, then  feel free to email or apply at


Q: What is the scholarship amount and what are the requirements?

A: The scholarship amount will vary but will be anywhere from $1,000 - $3,000. There are no requirements for our team (just academic requirements to get into the university, but they generally aren’t that high) and students that apply sooner will be given priority on our larger scholarships.

Q: Where are is it located in Ohio?

A: We are about an hour south of Toledo.

Q: Leagues and Tournaments?

A: Tiffin will be joining the CSL (Collegiate Star League) come Fall 2017 and will be doing tournaments periodically throughout the year.

Q: Why does the initial cost look so high?

A: Before judging please apply and do your financial aid, Tiffin gives out massive academic scholarships (10 grand plus) so the numbers drop pretty dramatically.

Q: Is it a club sport?

A: No we are a fully backed athletic program. We are equivalent to the football and basketball team meaning we will have practice times, scrims etc.

Q: Can I transfer from my current university and receive a scholarship?

A: Of course!

Q: How about a Graduate Degree? Can I get one of those, get a scholarship and still compete?

A: Yes you can!



Blaine Bell