We're dropping into Realm Royale

Sat 13th Apr 2019 - 2:17pm General Gaming

Sanguine Esports is partnering with members of the Realm Royale community to bring together top tier players and show what they are made of!

We are proud to have these kick-ass personalities!

Please welcome GentleGiant, Krippler, Aero, and alittleraisin to the squad.

By joining forces, we hope to field competitive players in anticipation of what HiRez will have to offer in terms of esports and to show that interest in Realm Royale hasn't died out. We also love supporting community members that we feel can bolster the image of a hopeful scene.

"I'm Super excited to be apart of the team and see what kind of amazing things we can accomplish!" -GentleGiant

Players on the Realm Royale team will be able to compete separately depending on their duo/squad partners. We support any team that the players compete on during competitive play.

If you're interested in checking out some of their content, look below:


GentleGiant - @Gentle_Giant7 -

Aero - @AeroTTV -

Krippler - @KripplerTV -

alittlerasin - @alittleraisin -



Blaine Bell