McAfee unveils solutions for endpoints, cloud protection

  • Wed 9th Oct 2019 - 12:42pm

    To meet the demand of defending data against online threats, global cybersecurity company McAfee has launched new endpoint and cloud solutions on 19th October 2017. The solutions, launched at the MPOWER Cybersecurity summit, go beyond machine learning to make the most of speed and precision of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and deep learning resulting in increasing the efficiency of security operations.

    The endpoint and cloud protect will make use of the automation, reasoning and data curation offered by advanced analytics technologies, letting the security teams to find and analyze data and root out threats.

    Chris Young, CEO of McAfee told the reporters that the world-renowned cybersecurity firm is acting on “Together is Power” principle with collaborative security that merges the exclusive strengths of people, machines and partners enabling the security teams to be aware of security events and take immediate action to the stop the viruses attack from endpoint to the cloud.

    He also noted that “We see the real power in togetherness. From human-machine teaming, we can work together across organizations to stop the biggest vulnerability, which is cyberthreat in this digital era”. By choosing these newly launched McAfee solutions, the consumers can protect their systems from the most prominent attack points on premises and cloud.

    The machine learning technology of this cybersecurity firm learns from 300 million sensors and the new feature Ransomware decryption as well as steganography detection. The “McAfee Investigator” solution implements advanced analytics to raise SOC (Security Operations Centre) productivity by using both machine learning and artificial intelligence to raise the precision of investigations by automating data collection.

    The technology within “McAfee Investigator” learns bring new tactics, procedures and techniques to enable the analyst ensure the right question and explorations to obtain efficient and accurate case closure. The new “McAfee Endpoint Security” includes multi-layer endpoint protection with even more complex analytics that gives security teams the data required to thwart a virus attack.

    By using many layers of mathematical neurons it assists in decision making and finding out potential threats. The solution checks each and every file before as well as after they execute, which helps in gaining knowledge with new data; thereby, increasing protection against old as well as new threats that have never been discovered before.

    The “McAfee Cloud Workload Security” solution helps enterprises’ safe cloud use by figuring out and protecting elastic workloads within minutes. It also gives liberty to the organizations to remove blind spots with automation, secure complex workloads without affect the performance of your device.

    Meanwhile, Raja Patel, VP and GM Corporate Products at the company, said as companies look towards transition from on-premise to the cloud, one basic need to both easy and enable this transition is support for hybrid architectures with firm security across the various deployment models.

    He also said that the “hybrid Cloud is here to stay and the transition since last two years is increasing". To enable the customers as they transit, McAfee has expanded its array of technology built to run in the public cloud. The Web Gateway of this cybersecurity firm will not be available to run on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and McAfee’s Advanced Threat Defense sandboxing technology will run on Microsoft Azure, Patel announced. visit my site@:-  | Router Support Number| Linksys router support |Asus Router Support | Linksys Router Support | Netgear Router Support  | netgear wireless router setup

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