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  • Tue 8th May 2018 - 12:04pm

    This way of doing it is hardly perfect the reason being is that often the camera is Xcoser  in the wrong position halfway down the timeline. However this can be easily resolved by selecting a different camera angle and selecting the camera within the scene. This should mean that the camera is not only selected, but its path as well should be visible represented by a blue line.

    Keyframes on this line should be represented by a blue dot. It is worth pointing out that if you where to slide the timeline slider at this time, you should see the camera move along the blue pathway. At any point of this blue pathway line you can move around the pathways direction by going to edit and shifting the x y z parameters.

    By doing this you can get a far more accrete control over not only the camera positions, but also other animated objects as well.

    Now that I am happy with the animation all that is then needed is for it to be rendered and saved. However it is worth checking the nano preview to make sure that the animation is perfect, this nano preview should give a rough idea what the end result will look like. If this is perfect which it was in my case I had to go to Render animation and double check the start and finish time, making sure this it was correct. I then checked the format of the movie and its compression. For Macs it automatically selects the best option which is Quicktime. For PC it is best to save as DVI as Macs cannot handle Quicktime created in the PC. By saving it as an AVI in the PC means it can be read by the Macs, without too much trouble. All that is then needed is too select the destination location of the file, which in my case is the desktop. Click OK and the animation should start rendering.


  • Mon 21st May 2018 - 12:10pm

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