TopicCommon Causes of Knee Pain - Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Knees

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 4:57am

    Usually, three to six visits can show positive results. While in some cases, patients get instant relief Erase My Back Pain upon their first visit. Additional visits to a chiropractic clinic can treat misalignment and promote nerve and joint health. If the pinched nerve persists after three to six visits, the chiropractor might use other treatment methods such as back brace or traction, electrical stimulation, physical therapy, and soft tissue therapy. The body has the capability to heal itself and the chiropractor supports its healing capabilities to improve its health.

    The chiropractic "adjustment" puts a fast stretch (just what it sounds like) on the muscle spindles and the golgi tendon organ in the muscle, which in turn creates a reflex relaxation response and activates the 1B fibers of the golgi tendon organ which creates relaxation with the muscle. This whole crazy reaction then allows you to turn your head normally, or bend forward at the waist in a normal way. Sound complex? It really is, but this is how chiropractors get such great results is that we affect the nervous system so profoundly!

    Moist heat is often considered to be superior to dry, but the healing benefits are actually the same. However, water does transfer heat faster then air does and so moist heat is transferred to your muscles faster and can have a more intense feeling then the slow penetration of dry heat. And when you're in pain, faster is usually considered better! But moist heat therapy is also beneficial in easing and eliminating chronic back pain. If you are having any problems in your range of motion in the neck and/or low back this can be a warning sign of serious health problems.

    Especially if you are having any type of pain with your decreased ability to move, you need to seek help. A chiropractor will be able to diagnose if your range of motion problem can be fixed and set out to help your problem. Do you suffer from occasional back pain? Does your back tense up? How are your core muscles Taking care of your low back is important. There are many muscles supporting your core area. You can have a weak core that can lead to back pain even if you have a flat stomach. So it's not about having more fat in the mid section. Big, tall, short and stocky, it can happen to all shapes and sizes.


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