TopicAn Open Mind Gives Both Peace and Opportunities

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 5:01am

    You will not distinguish yourself by being part of the crowd. MostNo BS Manifesting Coursepeople find themselves wanting to be accepted in school and college by dressing, talking and acting like their peer group. There is a powerful pressure to conform to the crowd as we grow up. While this mentality may keep you popular in school it does not serve you well in the business community.

    I do not here suggest you become eccentric and depart from community standards to such an extent that people will not know what to make of you. However even mild eccentricity can be more impressive to others than bland conformity.The way you speak and write make powerful impressions on others. They are often the first impressions that people have of you and can mean the difference between impressing others and boring them. There is nothing old fashioned or quaint about speaking with proper grammar and usage. Slang and vulgarity have no place in the professional or business world if you want to distinguish yourself.

    Likewise writing in a clear, concise and compelling way will build credibility for you and distinguish you from the mediocre crowd. Language need not be stilted or overly formal to be classy. Avoid buzz words, overly complicated phrasing and unnecessarily big words. Stating things simply and correctly remains a classy way to communicate and is most effective.

    Modern slang especially can be divisive. Not all generations may understand it and it hardly distinguishes you as learned or serious.You may not have to wear a three piece suit or the female equivalent to impress people but dressing in classy and conservative style will impress far more people than dressing like Prince. While more casual clothing is increasingly popular and even acceptable it does not distinguish you.





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