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  • Thu 11th Apr 2019 - 7:19am

    Many resveratrol suppliers do not disclose the exact form of resveratrol or the quantity which Omega Green Review  is contained in their supplement. Some simply call their main ingredient "red wine complex" or a "proprietary blend". Given that red wine contains less than 1% resveratrol it seems a bit strange that a company would use this description to label a resveratrol product unless the purpose was to conceal the actual ingredients in the product. A proprietary blend can be anything, but is unlikely to consist of pure resveratrol given the relatively high cost of quality resveratol versus other possible ingredients.

    Resveratrol is composed of two principal isomers, trans-resveratrol and cis-resveratrol. Only the trans-isomer has been associated with health benefits. The cis isomer actually acts to nullify the effects of trans-resveratrol. Unless the seller states on the label that the product consists entirely of the trans-resveratrol form it is highly likely that it contains either some or all of cis-resveratrol, which is, by an order of magnitude, the less costly form of resveratrol.

    A size 0 capsule is able to contain about 500mg of resveratrol, if the base material is processed using pharmaceutical technology and equipment. This is the largest size capsule that is quite easily swallowed by most people. Sellers who use larger capsules do so to compensate for the fact that they are simply stuffing raw extract into a capsule without going through the time and expense of purifying and granulating the resveratrol extract. A larger capsule size also allows for the use of various fillers and chemicals such as silicon, magnesium sterate, cellulose, and other additives. The best quality resveratrol supplements are contained in a size 0 capsule and contain no additives or fillers at all. There is no reason why you should have to consume sand and other inert ingredients in your supplement simply because your supplier can not be bothered with using more sophisticated processing and filling technology.

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